Welcome to NYC-Playtest!

UPDATE: as of March 14, 2020, we are not holding any in-person playtest events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we have created a new group, Remote Playtesting, coordinating online playtests of our board games using Discord and Tabletop Simulator. These playtests are not limited to designers from the NYC area; we welcome designers and testers from all over the world.

Remote Playtesting will run for at least several weeks, until we get an all-clear from authorities to resume in-person meetings. After that, NYC-Playtest will resume our meetings. It’s possible that Remote Playtesting will continue afterwards, but that depends on participation.

We continue to welcome new designers and testers, even if we will be meeting digitally. You don’t have to have a game design to join us; you just need to be willing to test prototypes and offer feedback. You can join us here.

Please stay safe!

NYC-Playtest is a group for New York City board game designers. We meet regularly to help each other with designs.

We meet every Tuesday night and Saturday morning to exchange playtests of our games. Our regular meetings are generally at Whole Foods in Tribeca, in the cafeteria on the second floor. We’ll occasionally schedule meetings in the greater New York area too.

You don’t have to have a game design to join us. You just need to be willing to test prototypes and offer feedback. You can join us here.

Here is our Code of Conduct.

Here is a current (and growing) list of published games that we playtested.

Here is our Slack workspace. This is our main method of communication and scheduling. If you’ve never used Slack before, it’s a simple chat app that you can use in your browser or on your phone, for free.

Once you’ve joined the Slack, you’ll want to check out the #meetings-saturday and #meetings-weeknight channels. We have a few other channels you may want to consider joining:

#events – Talk about upcoming conventions, from small local events like Dexcon to large international events like Gen Con.
#pitching – Ask and answer questions about pitching to publishers.
#proto-feedback – Give and get further feedback about games tested at NYC-Playtest.
#self-publication – Ask and answer questions about self-publishing and Kickstarter.

See you soon!

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