Brooklyn Playtesting

Saturday September 15, 2018 12:00 PM
Our September 15 playtesting event will be special! It’s our own Rocco Privetera’s 50th birthday, so to celebrate, he’s kindly hosting us in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
We’ll meet at Crystal Lake Bar on 647 Grand St. at noon. We’ll playtest until 6 pm; at that point, Rocco requests that we switch over to published games so his non-designer friends can participate. You are welcome to bring your favorite game from home to play. Game night will last as long as everyone wants to play (or unless we get into a game of Twilight Imperium and last until the bar closes at 4 am. Significant others are welcome!
Pizza will be provided, and you’ll be able to purchase drinks at the bar.
If you want to chat about this in Slack, you can use the #meeting-sep15-bk channel.
Note that this applies to our September 15 meeting. All other meetings will be in Tribeca, unless otherwise indicated.
Thanks so much to Rocco for setting this up, and happy early birthday!

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